As a personal trainer, you have spent time gaining valuable fitness insights, skills, and qualifications. You have your subject down to a science, but do you know how to get more personal training clients?

Reduce the hassle and guesswork with the NASM Business Accelerator. Learn the best personal training marketing, networking, and communication techniques in the industry.

We will give you the tools to be in charge of your future in the fitness industry. Gaining and retaining personal training clients has never been easier! Learn how to leverage your abilities for consistent client growth, and in the process, obtain a roadmap for a stronger fitness business that will pay dividends for your future. Safeguarding your exceptional qualifications with a strategic business plan will generate guaranteed wins and help you sell personal training to prospects.

Within this course, you will receive instructional videos, written lessons, business exercises, and quizzes, to help guide you on the path to success. The curriculum combines the power of NASM with the expertise of the leaders in business coaching: NPE.


  • 1.9 NASM CEUs

  • 10 Lecture Videos

  • 9 Interactive Activities

  • 7 Module Quizzes

  • Profit Margin Calculator

  • Client Facing Sales Presentation Template

  • Sales System Approach Workbook

  • 2 Year Access

  • 100% Online; Access on all Devices

  • Certificate of Completion


Self-Study: 4,025 SAR

Virtual Lecture: Unavailable

Live Lecture: Unavailable